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About Me


Hi, my name is Abiodun, popularly known as Bosede Adetifa.  I am a woman with many hats.  A Mental Health Nurse by profession, A cook by hobby, a born Drama queen and a dreamer.  I believe everything is possible in life if you believe.  I have had multiple failures in life but never give up on myself.  One major failure is ability to communicate effectively, even after 5 decades of existence, I am still learning how to improve my communication skills.  I am an idealist who cherishes high achievable standards or honourable  concepts. I am married with 3 children.

The main reason for creating this blog page is to connect with you by telling my stories in yours.  As a dreamer and idealist, I like to share my ideas in the form of story telling for you to be able to share your story, thereby mastering our communication skills to empower others.

My Interests

Are you interested in communicating to influence others in a positive way?

So am I.  As an Ambassador for Speakers Institute, I like to invite you to join me on a journey to mastering communication for influence and authority.

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Promo code: IAMREADYE15X


Mobile: +61435923021


Research has indicated that if you do not use the Yoruba Language, you will lose it.  In order not to lose this iconic heritage, I am offering you a 10 session fun packed Yoruba virtual lessons at affordable cost.

Click the link below to register and get your access code:

Yoruba Language virtual class by Bosede Adetifa registration form

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