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1. Make communication a daily practice: Consistent communication through phone calls, text messages, or social media keeps your connections strong.

2. Be a good listener: People appreciate being heard and understood. Listen actively to understand and have a better perspective.

3. Be empathetic: Show empathy towards others by connecting with their feelings and experiences.

4. Celebrate others: Acknowledge your connections' achievements, and celebrate their successes together.

5. Show gratitude: Thank your connections regularly for their support and input.

6. Be available and dependable: Be available when you're needed or try to help when possible.

7. Respect their time: Keep your commitments, arrive on time, and avoid over-stretching your connection's schedule.

8. Keep the connection fresh: Keep trying new activities and exploring fresh options to keep your connections exciting and engaging.

9. Give encouragement: Offer encouragement and motivation to your connections by being honest and supportive.

10. Keep an open mind: Be open to new opportunities and experiences. Trust that your connections' input, ideas and perspective are also valuable.

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