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Maintaining safe relationship in a challenging or stressful work environment

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

As previously mentioned in my blog title "mending relationship crack", life events can shape brain functionality. This can then impact on our relationships at work and outside of work. In this blog, we will focus on workplace relationships.

Factors that contributes to broken relationship at work

  1. Leadership style - A leader that is arrogant, judgemental, rigid and unsupportive of team members will be easily misunderstood as a leader. Any delegated task will be met with resistance and such leader may be classified as a dictator.

  2. Culture of negative Gossips - any environment where gossip is tolerated, low self esteem escalates. Team become suspicious of one another as they learn distrust. Such environment is not safe for general well being

  3. Personal beliefs and biases - this has potential to cloud our thinking, thereby have negative impact on our overall decision in clinical setting. It is important to practice self awareness and make conscious effort not to impose our beliefs on others.

  4. Feelings of insecurity or incompetence - this is a classic anxiety symptom involving self doubt, low self esteem and constant worrying with negative expression. No one will feel relax working with such team member. If he says anything negative to you about others, be rest assured he will say yours to others.

  5. New system or innovation - introducing new system usually comes with resistance because majority do not like change even when informed about the merits. This will definitely impact relationship at work especially when team fail to identify the value of having a new system. People want to know What is, in it for them?

  6. Individual personality and childhood upbringing - childhood experience shapes who we are. Sometimes our personality may not go with the profession or chosen career. When there is clash in personality, performance drops as the manager continues to manage conflicts. This will impact on the manager and the team as a whole. Interpersonal relationships become strained.

  7. History of bullying and harassment- anyone who has gone through this once is at risk significant psychological damage and relationship breakdown at work thereby below standard performance.

Management Strategy

  1. Review your leadership style. Get feedback on how you are going and give timely feedbacks to others.

  2. Have zero tolerance for Negative Gossips. Make it a rule for team members not to engage in such behaviour at work. Direct anyone attempting to gossip with you negatively to your manager and workplace grievance protocol.

  3. Be aware of your belief biases and make effort not to impose it on others either directly or indirectly

  4. Manage your anxiety before it manage you. Seek help on time, do not delay. Find someone you trust to ventilate your worries. Be open to suggestions

  5. Identify change champions to lead implementation of the new system. Explain the benefits of this innovation. Get all the team leaders involved to carry others along. Provide training session and keep an open line of communication for team to freely ask questions.

  6. Be consistent, be calm at all times to maintain control, maintain a reasonable level of socialisation, be open to new ideas, focus on how to improve your current level of competencies and ontrol. Make sure your personality goes with your job, if not, have a rethink because being in the wrong job may be a life time of sorrow due to poor relationships.

  7. Prevent incident of bullying and harassment as much as possible. If it occurs, manage it immediately. Do not let it linger on to a point of no repair. Follow your workplace policy for steps to take.


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