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Relationships impacted by Covid-19


Though created to have relationships, COVID-19 came to separate us like a big wall between two parties.

As we are currently in a temporary 7day lockdown due to covid-19 outbreak in Melbourne, I like to reassure you that current restriction can never be comparable to what we had in 2020. Here are few steps to be a bridge that connect others and not a separating wall:

  1. Take a break before your body ask for it.

  2. Watch TV in moderation with a fact-finding mindset.

  3. If what you watch causes distress, stop watching

  4. Set achievable goals for yourself and be mindful of possible distractions.

  5. Remember the golden rule of self-care including taking your flu and Covid vaccination.

According to Robert Frost, “The best way out is always through”

This lock down will soon be over, stick with the Government guidelines and save your Community. - Bosede Adetifa

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