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Self Care

The decision to Selfcarewe is yours tomake,

To tend to self for your own sake,

Life is full of hustle and bustle,

You often forget yourself easily.

Please listen to your needs,

And take care of yourself with all your seeds,

Serving from an empty cup is not possible,

Self-love and self-care is paramount for your sanity.

It's okay to take a break,

And indulge in some self-love for your own sake,

Whether it's a warm bath, a good vacation or a good book, or just a nap.

Selfcare comes in many forms,

It's about tuning in and responding to your own norms,

It's about filling yourself with love and care.

So you can shine bright and feel good in yourself.

Selfcare is a necessity, no doubt.

When you know when to say no, and take action, you are self caring.

Do set healthy boundaries to help you grow. And people around you glow.

Prioritize selfcare today and everyday for a happy and healthy life. You are an important piece of my life. So, let us make self care our utmost creed

Love from the heart. 😘

- Bosede Adetifa

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Apr 07, 2023

Thanks for this fact about selfcare. It is necessary because it enables an individual to take care of oneself, refresh, brighten up and gather strength to proceed in life activities and give the best output.

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