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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

How busy are you?

Too busy to have a break?

Too busy to care for self?

Too busy to enjoy life?

Too busy to cherish loved ones?

Too busy to see the tears dropping from your spouse/partner's eyes?

Too busy to understand children's need or request?

Too busy to appreciate nature's beauty?

Too busy to think or think right?

Too busy to pay attention to what matter most in Life?

Time will end one day. Before then, I challenge you to stop for a moment, think of how to reduce your busy schedule to concentrate on YOU. Your Life is moving fast and you deserve the best of life. Being hyper active at work and under active at home is a State of disequelibrium. So, pause to rest with adequate energy to do better. Enjoy this very moment before it vanishes. Time is of the essence.

- B Adetifa

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