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Understanding the New Normal, post Covid-19 Lockdown restriction

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Dealing with the covid-19 pandemic has involved making changes in the way we socialise, work and do business. Some of those changes will become permanent ways of living. In Victoria we had to endure a second lockdown as a result of resurgence of the virus just when we thought we had turned the corner.

The purpose of this article is to reinforce the need to stay alert with healthy practices that we should continue to observe to prevent getting sick and endangering the wellbeing of the community.

The New normal remain unknown. However we can explore the following possibilities

1. A mindset of working remotely forever

2. Parents may choose to become full time teachers to support children's remote learning

3. In-person interaction may never return to what it was in January 2020

4. There may be opportunity for people to choose office work or work from home or both on 50/50 proportion

5. Geographical location may become a determinant of salary or wages

6. We may never shake hands as a form of greetings again, who knows?

7. We may be over conscious of being exposed to the virus and tend to wash hands multiple times or revert quickly to previous ways of doing things in terms of sanitation

8. We also might seek a closer sense of belonging to our community groups or people of likeminds.

9. On the contrary, some people may choose to stay away from the crowd completely

10. The Youth and the older adults may have difficulties forming and maintaining lasting relationships

In essence the Covid-19 pandemic has pro found impact on how we work, socialise, communicate and do our businesses; and for some, the impact may be irreversible. Research has shown us that we might not get back to pre- covid state of order in the next 5 years.

Knowing there will be mounting anxiety about the unknown post covid lockdown, calls for exploration of possible motivating factors to keep us going.

• Having positive relationships. Family friends, colleagues, neighbours as in-person interactions give us team spirit and motivation to invent and improve skills and performance in the community at large.

• Regular exercises reduces our stress level, improve our memory, cognition and feeling of self worth

• Having stable job and good financial status give us something to look forward to thereby stable mental state

• Good communication and access to readily available resources and relevant services we give us the assurance that help is near

• Sharing of lived experiences will go along way in motivating us that we are not alone.

• The hope of finding cure, freedom and safety again keep us going

No matter what, there will always be Nurses, Doctors, counsellors and psychologists ready to help, so, do not hesitate to seek help.

Bosede Adetifa

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